Monday, 20 July 2015

Wedding card box

So as I mentioned on my last post Me and   Erik are engaged so there should be lots of DIY projects coming my way. Here is the frist of many our card box. we found a box at winners that we absolutly fell in love with, I went to Micheals and purchased some letters as decoration then painted them our wedding colourhten realized I hadd no pain in that colour...So I painted the letters with Nail Polish :D gotta get creative sometimes!!

Who's gunna be an aunt? This girl!!!!

I keep disappearing and I'm sorry been really busy with life. Since my last posts a lot has happened in my life. Biggest of all I'm engaged!!! My Boyfriend on 3.5 years got down on 1 knee and asked me to marry him...and of course i said yes!!!
Also his brother and sister in law announced in April that they are expecting a baby...but wont tell me if ts a boy or girl...:(. So I am soo excited to b an Aunty, and as any good crafty aunty should and I have made some things for the baby. 
1 Beige and yellow chevron blanket that was adapted from a pattern I found on ravery.( cast on 200 stitches and it measures 45"x35") 
1 Teddy bear (Pattern purchased on etsy 'Pooky the Bear')
1 super adorable pair of mouse baby booties ( (I lines the inside of mine with white felt and used hot glue on the bottom to make a grip)

The Blanket I measured off the dimentions of my baby blanket from when i was born. The colours ar ebeige and yellow so that boy or girl the blanket will work.

Post your thoughts!!!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Captain America

Haven't really been doing a lot of original crafts these days. I managed to land myself a full time job and its sure does take up a lot of time. I did start working on a costume a little while ago. A sexy costume too 😉.
So I purchased a royal blue corset and my goal is to turn it into a Captain America costume! I did start a few months back but I'm going to have to start again as the first corset I purchased was damaged and fell apart I am currently waiting for another to come in the mail here's what it looked like so far!!!