Saturday, 12 April 2014

Baby boy quilt

So for once im actually remembering to post  my latest creation. So a family friend is currently pregnant with a baby boy. As cute as store bought baby things are I far rather the personal touch. So I decided I wanted to make a baby blanket, because who dosen't love their first blanket? I'm 23 and I still have my baby blanket. So I decided on granny squares with 2 shades of blue and had to use you tube to remind me how to actually do granny squares because its been so long since I've done them. The quilt is 9 x 11 squares in size (same size as my blanket was) and I lined it with baby blue cotton. im pretty sure I stole the show at the baby shower with it also because after it was opened everyone was asking me how to make it. Gotta love going homemade :)
For this quilt I ended up using 1.5 balls of Red Heart Light blue and 2.5 calls of Loops and Thread Impeccable Medium Blue. I also lined the blanket with knots so that when the baby is older the backing can be removed (it is more there so little toes and hands don't get caught in the holes)