Monday, 28 April 2014

Be my Bridesmaid/Flower Girl

So my sister is getting married and she is the least creative person I know. She asked me as the Maid of Honor to put together some cards for her to give out to her Bridesmaids and Flower girls. But first a little background my sister has loved Elephants since long before I was born and we did a lot of playing around and idea getting from Pinterest and this is what I cam up with (it was all done at work on Photoshop Elements (Elements sucks it would have taken WAYY less time in Photoshop CC which I have on my home computer) because it was a SUPER slow day today.

I printed them 5x5 and since I work at a photoprint shop we removed any back printing and my sister will be writing a personal note on the back for each person. Lets hope everyone says yes and we have a fun wedding party!!

Questions? Comments? Please share below!!