Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sew here's the Shorts story

      Pardon the puns and also apologizes for the 5 month Hiatus. I've been super busy with school but with my last exam today of course I got the urge to make something starting at 11pm last night. 
       I received a sewing machine from my grandmother for my birthday back in November and only now have found the time to use it. I went to Walmart and found some awesome flannel with a superman pattern on it. 
      I decided that since it was flannel I would make some Pajamas....and since it is the first thing I'm making since I was little playing with my grandmothers sewing machine I decide shorts are probably easier. So I went to work cutting fabric and sewing it together. I'll admit I'm not one for measurements so there was quite a bit of pulling out seams and adding more fabric where I didn't leave enough. 
      Above are pictures of the front and back of the finished product. the crotch of the shorts is navy (because I didn't cut enough fabric...oops) so I added a waist band in the same colour to make it look like it was less of a mistake. I also used the waist band as a draw-string so I threaded an old shoe lace through it and voila!!
     So luckily after all that they ended up actually fitting me so below are a few pics of me in them!
Comments are welcome as well as ideas for my next project (I still have lots of the Superman pattern and navy flannel left over)