Thursday, 24 January 2013

Super Mario Star cross stich

So there is a reason the blog is called knits AND stitches  But please don't think that those are the only 2 things I am interested in craft-wise. Over the years I have learnt many many things some I continue and others I wont go near again with a 10 foot pole. 
My mom taught me how to needle point when I was little and from there I asked her to teach me how to cross stitch. She warned me that I wouldn't like it, but there was a really cure Tigger pattern and well...I HAD to make it. Needless to say that pattern took me about a year to make and I never picked up the craft again.....Until now (Dun Dun Dun)
I was bored and went to my local craft store and saw a inexpensive cat cross stitch kit and I figured why not. So I made this cat in....a day so I decided this is easy why cant I make my own pattern, So I did. (This took about a week between work and School)
Below is my Super Mario Star Mosaic, Let me know what you think!!! Comments are always welcome!!