Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sew here's the Shorts story

      Pardon the puns and also apologizes for the 5 month Hiatus. I've been super busy with school but with my last exam today of course I got the urge to make something starting at 11pm last night. 
       I received a sewing machine from my grandmother for my birthday back in November and only now have found the time to use it. I went to Walmart and found some awesome flannel with a superman pattern on it. 
      I decided that since it was flannel I would make some Pajamas....and since it is the first thing I'm making since I was little playing with my grandmothers sewing machine I decide shorts are probably easier. So I went to work cutting fabric and sewing it together. I'll admit I'm not one for measurements so there was quite a bit of pulling out seams and adding more fabric where I didn't leave enough. 
      Above are pictures of the front and back of the finished product. the crotch of the shorts is navy (because I didn't cut enough fabric...oops) so I added a waist band in the same colour to make it look like it was less of a mistake. I also used the waist band as a draw-string so I threaded an old shoe lace through it and voila!!
     So luckily after all that they ended up actually fitting me so below are a few pics of me in them!
Comments are welcome as well as ideas for my next project (I still have lots of the Superman pattern and navy flannel left over)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fun with letters

So I'll admit it. I'm supposed to be doing math homework but instead i felt inspired to be creative. So I broke out the mod podge and paper and got glueing. I made my boyfriends name on wooden letters to go with the ones i made myself a few months back and the other is my new work binder. Note the film because I work at a camera store. What do you think?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mod Podge Who?

So I've some what become addicted to pintrest and keep seeing all this really cool mod podge projects. So I went out and decided I had to give it a try....let me know what you think!! (and before anyone says anything I realize the 'o' is ripped...I didn't realize how long the stuff took to dry)

Best Friends Birthday Card

So yet another exciting thing about February, is my best friends birthday!!!! I started this card on the first then let it sit unfinished because I just couldn't think of the perfect thing to write on the inside. We have been friends since we were 5 (shes turning 23) so the writing needed to be perfect. So after some long hard though I figured it out and Vola! the card is complete with 3 days to spare! 
For those who cant read what the inside says 'People come and go but the ones that stay become friends, friends also come and go but the ones that wont go away you give the title of Best, Because noone else is ever going to be able to put up with me as long as you have! Happy 23rd Birthday you old fart and its great to know that I will always be 9 months younger then you'

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Name college

I have a teacher that made us all make name tags. We are now 5 weeks into school and still we are required to have our name tags. Like seriously this is college learn my damn name lady. I hate when people just don't care. She is also the first out of any college teacher that has requested we call her professor...what is this Hogwarts?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

House warming card

There seems to be so many occasions coming up its crazy!! Well yesterday my boyfriends brother moved into his first house so below is the cute little card I made for him.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Anniversary card

So I've clearly been having way too much fun with scrap book paper lately. I was so excited with how well the Valentine's day card turned out that I decided to make a Happy one year anniversary card because that also lands in February. Pictures are below let me know what you think!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Super Mario Star cross stich

So there is a reason the blog is called knits AND stitches  But please don't think that those are the only 2 things I am interested in craft-wise. Over the years I have learnt many many things some I continue and others I wont go near again with a 10 foot pole. 
My mom taught me how to needle point when I was little and from there I asked her to teach me how to cross stitch. She warned me that I wouldn't like it, but there was a really cure Tigger pattern and well...I HAD to make it. Needless to say that pattern took me about a year to make and I never picked up the craft again.....Until now (Dun Dun Dun)
I was bored and went to my local craft store and saw a inexpensive cat cross stitch kit and I figured why not. So I made this cat in....a day so I decided this is easy why cant I make my own pattern, So I did. (This took about a week between work and School)
Below is my Super Mario Star Mosaic, Let me know what you think!!! Comments are always welcome!!

Valentine's day card

           I haven't had a whole lot of time to crochet lately let alone attempt my own patterns. But that doesn't  mean I haven't been creative.So this might sound a little sad but I've never really had a steady boyfriend for Valentines day. Even last year I was with my current boyfriend but at that point we had only gone on a few dates so it didn't really count...
           So my boyfriend really likes when I make him things so I decided I'm going to make him a home made Valentines day card. Below is what I came up with. It took about an hour (the longest part was trying to figure out what words to put inside) Its all made out of scrap book paper other then the three hearts on the front and those are wood and the Ribbon. I also made a envelope out of scrap book paper that fits the card perfectly (I don't believe I could make another of those if I tried)
          If you can't read the quote I put inside the card it says 'I can be your Tinkerbell, and you can be my Peter Pan, and we can run away together, off to never never land' 
          Please give my your thoughts and feedback!!!!