Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Baby Wearing

   Baby wearing AKA baby carriers. The baby wearing craze is HUGE right now and you can read articles about how beneficial it is for bonding with baby and what carriers are the best and what ones are going to permanently injure your baby until your eyes bleed. This is what I found out when I took to my computer and started looking at carriers for Addie. There is no such thing as a carrier that 100% of people love...or maybe there is but it is like $200 and I'm a young mom and can't afford that on my Maternity Leave pay...but you know if someone wants to give me one to try I will be more than happy to ;)

  I knew that I wanted to get a carrier for Addison not just because of all the claims that its great for bonding and all that stuff, but out of practicality.  I have a dog and when Addie was born we were living in a condo building on the 17th floor with no balcony. My husband only had 2 weeks off when Addison was born then it was just the 2 of us all day. I wasn't going to fuss with all of straps of getting her in her carseat and then all bundled up, then attach the car seat to the stroller THAN go to take the dog out. If anyone has ever tried walking a hyper puppy who is afraid of the stroller with a stroller....well it is not easy and the few times I've actually done it the dog may or may not have gotten a paw or tail run over.

   We started off with the Seven Baby Sling https://www.sevenbaby.com/products/solitaire and you know what...for the life of me I could not figure out how to use this thing, I tried reading the instructions, I watched YouTube videos and no matter what it would not work for us so I gave up. I ended up donating it to Value Village because it just frustrated me.

   Next we got the Baby K'Tan. This carrier was actually pretty awesome once I got it in the right size. This carrier was a little difficult to put on but once on it was perfect for holding my tiny little 6 pound baby so I could take the dog for a walk. It offered enough support so I didn't feel like I was going to drop her. The greatest thing about this carrier was that it was good for newborn and up, because as I found out many carriers only start at 8LBS and smaller babies get lost within them. However once Addison was 8LBS and getting a little longer I did return this one in search of a more structured carrier.

 The next carrier we got was the Infantino Flip 4 in 1. This is my favorite and I still use it to this day. It is good for 8-32LBS. If you go online you will read very mixed reviews on it but for me it came highly recommended by my friend and my brother and sister in law have this one. The great part about this is its comfy, light weight, versatile, easy to use and not super expensive. This one is also easy to switch between my husband and me. Addison is so comfortable in this carrier she often falls asleep in it and I've carried her in it for long periods of time with minimal back pain after. I also love that this on puts her in the perfect position for hugs and kisses.
   If you have any questions about baby wearing I would love to talk with you. I personally love it as it keeps my little girl close while still keeping my hands free to get stuff around the house done or walk my dog.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Pampers Baby Dry Review

Image result for pampers baby dry size 3
  Sorry for the hiatus we moved in with my in-laws and then out...its been crazy. But poor Addie has a bit of a rash on her tush (I think its from swimming) so I am trading up the diapers to see if that helps her heal faster.
   Usually we buy Huggies Snug and Dry or Little Movers (when they are on sale at Costco) I only started using Huggies because they seemed to be on sale more often. I find when you ask mothers what brand of diapers they prefer they tend to get pretty passionate about the one they like. When we were trying all the different brands I honestly didn't have a favorite between Huggies and Pampers.
   Now that we have been using Huggies almost exclusively for about 6 months I can definitely tell the difference between them.

NOTE: The below comparison is between Huggies Snug and Dry vs. Pampers Baby-Dry

  • When wet the Pampers feel kinda jelly while the Huggies feel kinda clumpy (yeah I'm making up words)
  • The Huggies all have the wetness stripe while the Pampers only have then up to size 2
  • Pampers have a scent to them, and that mixed with urine is gross. Huggies are unscented
  • Huggies have more elastic in the back of the waist band while Pampers sit flat on the back
  • Huggies have Disney Graphics, Pampers have Sesame Street (that shouldn't really effect anything but it is a difference) 
  • Because the lack of stretch I found the Pampers fit smaller then Huggies
  • The waist band on the Pampers is a little taller 
  • Because of the elastic in the back I found the Huggies are better at containing poo-explosions that go up her back
  • I'm not sure anyone else has had this issues but I had the tabs on the pampers diaper tear off when I was trying to diaper Addison, I've never had this with Huggies
  • The Velcro on the Pampers I feel is a little stronger 
   Generally they are both good diapers, and I guess they different styles of them will work for different baby body types. They both offer good protection for my little girls bum. But for myself I think I will stick with Huggies. Partly because they are on sale more, but I do like having the wetness line, and I just feel overall they fit Addison better. Plus I cant handle the scent on the Pampers.
   I will try them again once the Pampers Pure come to Canada because they are supposed to be unscented and I feel that is weighing my decision greatly. 

   What type of diaper is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!! 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Parents Choice Diaper Review

   When it comes to diapers I find that some people swear by one brand or another. When Addison was born we tried a whole bunch of different brands and as a newborn I really didn't like any one brand over another. We have been consistently buying Huggies just because I find they go on sale more often.. Now that she is a bit bigger I can defiantly tell the difference between diapers so I figured what better time to try some other brand and see if I can save myself some money. I've never been much of a brand snob and often choose the store brand when it comes to my grocery shopping. 

   Currently Addison is over the weight for size 2 diapers but she is a slim baby so the tabs on our size 3 diapers overlap. I decided while I still have a few size 2's left I should try a small bag of the Walmart 'Parents Choice' diapers.
   At first glance I liked that these do have a wetness indicator on the size 2 that I bought however they don't have it past size 2. I also liked how slim the diaper was. The diaper fit my little girls bum very well. These diapers contained her poop pretty well and I haven't had any poop leaks. However they seem to have issues with pee. If she peed more then once in this diaper it felt like jello in her diaper, and left her skin moist and even left pee droplets on her skin. My girl sleeps through the night and these just didn't cut it over night, she woke up with her mattress and clothes all wet and she was not happy about it. Also my husband hates them...He didn't give me a reason just told me he hates them.

   Basically with these I guess you get what you pay for. They work...but you will be changing the diaper so much more often that you may as well spend the extra $3 and buy the name brand because they will probably last you longer.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Bottle

   Now that Addison is almost 6 months old we have tried several different bottles. Was lucky that she had no switching between breast and bottle. I did pump when I was breast feeding so my husband was able to feed Addison also. I will start by saying that Addison didn't have any issues with latching to any bottle that we have used.
Image result for philips avent

Philips Avent

   The first bottle I got was the Avent bottle. I got this bottle free from Thyme Maternity as a part of their baby gift and later my sister gave me 2 more that she had used with her son. I really like the size of this bottle (5 oz) it feels good in your hand when feeding baby. The wide neck makes it possible for you to be able to see the milk through the nipple. The short and fat design of the bottle makes it great to bring along in my diaper bag because it takes up less space. The only downside with this bottle is I sometimes have a hard time removing the lid.
Image result for medela calma

Medela Bottle and Calma nipple

    This bottle and nipple came with my Medela Breast Pump. I really liked the fact that I could pump right into the bottle, put it in the fridge and my husband could warm it up put the nipple right on the bottle and feed Addison. The nipple is kind of cool because it has a valve (it kind of reminds me of the old powerade bottle spout) so the baby can control the bottle flow by how hard they suck. My daughter is silly she would not accept this bottle from me but my husband had no problem with getting her to take it. I only used this one with breast milk now that we are on formula I don't use it anymore.

Image result for playtex air vent

Playtex Ventaire

   My husband randomly came home with this bottle one day. I do really like this one also. the bottle has a nice contour to it that makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. I LOVE the angle the bottle is on it makes feeding Addison sooo much easier. This bottle also comes apart easily so it is super easy to clean. The vents help reduce how much  air Addison gets so less issues with colic. My husband also randomly bough the medium flow nipples for this one.

Image result for playtex nurser

Playtex Nurser with Drop in Liner

   My sister in law gave me 2 of these and I got another free at a Baby show my sister also gave me a giant box with the liners. This one has the same nipple as the Ventaire and the same angle. The difference is that this one has liners so you don't have to clean the whole bottle just the nipple and toss the liner. These aren't so convenient when re-heating breast milk because you cant heat it up in the bottle. Also if you use formula you cant really use the bottle to measure your water so you have to use a measuring cup. However this bottle is great for the premixed formula if you don't want to buy the company's special nipples and when I spent a night at my parents house so I didn't need to bring as many bottles. I do however find it rater wasteful and don't use this one very often.

Image result for nuk penguin bottles

NUK Orthodontic Bottles 

   My sister gave me the a 6 oz and I then purchased a 3 pack of the 9 oz. I really like these bottles because they are super adorable. They also have a very different shaped nipple that I feel less leaked from. They have an anti-colic vent that you have to make sure you feed the baby with the vent facing up or you will get a drippy mess. I have this one with both slow and medium flow nipples. You just have to make sure when you are shaking up formula that the lid is on properly or you end up shaking formula all over the place.
Image result for evenflo bottle

Evenflo Balance

   This one I got free at a baby show. I like how wide the nipple is on this bottle. This bottle is a little different then others in the respect that to remove the nipple you pull it up as apposed to every other bottle you pull down. Also the plastic isn't super thick so when heating up breast milk it didn't take as long.
Image result for evenflo bottle

Evenflo Vented +

   Honestly I purchased these bottles on a whim because they were on sale on Amazon and they had the same angle as the Playtex ventaire. They came as a pack of 6 (same colours as pictured above) and came with slow flow nipples, I purchased a pack of medium flow nipples at the same time. After using these ones I really like them. The bottles are tall and skinny with a grip for your hand. I like the way they feel in my hand and they are slim enough that when Addison whats to hold the bottle herself she can. The only downside I have is that the small opening I have to pay attention or I have missed and spilled water or formula powder on my counter top.

How many do I have?
Philips Avent
2oz, 4oz, 8oz
Medela Calma
Playtex Ventaire
6oz, 9oz
Playtex Nurser
6oz, 9oz
NUK Orthodontic Bottle
Evenflo Balance
Evenflo Vented +

Sunday, 11 March 2018


   They say that swaddling a baby is the best way to get them to sleep when they are a newborn. Swaddling a babies arms in will keep them from getting startled and waking themselves up. The nurses will swaddle baby super tight in the hospital..and you will never be able to get baby swaddled that well ever again or at least that was the case with me. My girl however...was an escape artist from day 1.
Addison is about 6 hours old in this photo

   When we got home from the hospital we tried, I swear we did and we could not manage to swaddle Addison for more than a few minutes with a blanket. As a baby shower gift I got a Swaddleme Original this was great....however the size was S/M and was much to big for her at first. We also tried the Gerber Baby and that one was also too big and just way to easy to escape from (However I did really like that the bottom opened for diaper changes. At that time our local stores didn't have anything smaller. Thankfully at first Addison slept just fine not swaddled.

   When Addison was about 2 months old we transitioned her to her crib as she was getting too tall for her bassinet. When we put her in the crib is when I noticed that she wasn't sleeping as well so out of pure exhaustion as a last ditch effort we tried the Swaddleme Original again.  Although the swaddle was now almost too small she went right to sleep and slept right through to the morning, and woke up in a great mood.

Seriously how can you not smile when you see her smile!!

   As Addison got bigger I only have 1 swaddle that was a size M/L that fit, and we were going through one of those stages that she would pee through her diaper, pjs, swaddle and bed sheet every other night and we were going for an overnight at my in-laws (I am didn't want to have to bug them and have to use there washing machine) So I went to Babies r' Us and found the Summer Infant Swaddleme Wrapsack this thing is amazing it has wings to swaddle arms in or out. Since Addison was starting to try to roll I figured this was a great idea so I can still use it once shes rolling (You shouldn't swaddle a baby that can roll because without use of there hands they may suffocate in the mattress) 
   The Wrap Sack is awesome and Addison loves it it has an 'escape hatch' on the bottom for east diaper changes and is much wider on the bottom then the original swaddle so she can kick around more.A few weeks after buying this I also received a few hand me down Halo Sleep Sacks from my sister in law they are the same idea with the wings to swaddle arms in or out.

Arms in, Arms out, ans something in the middle
   Now that Addison is used to sleeping with her arms out I have a small collection of 'Wearable Blankets' The Swaddleme Wrap sack is still my favorite, because I feel like the wings hug her and keep her asleep longer. I do love that the Halo has one that is fleece, as I live in an old condo and even though the windows in Addison's room are stuck closed they still leak on windy winter nights.

Sorry I'm such a creeper mom, but I LOVE sleeping babies!!

My Collection and what I do and don't like about them (no judging why I have so many I received a lot of them as hand me downs

Didn't like
I have….
Summer Infant Swaddle Me Original
S/M & M/L
-Velcro is super strong
-My escape artist was mostly contained
-Super easy to use
-The smallest size was too big as a newborn
-The Velcro sometimes opened and caught other items in the wash
-I had to fully remove baby for diaper changes

Gerber Baby Swaddle
-It had a Velcro opening at the bottom for diaper changes
-Super confusing to figure out how to use
-Velcro wasn’t very strong
-Baby escaped in seconds
-Overall design sucked
-Velcro stuck to everything in the wash
Summer Infant Swaddle Me Wearable Blanket***
-Two way zipper for easy diaper changes
-Covered zipper so it didn’t scratch her face
-Slightly thinker fabric is not too warm not too cold

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
Small & Large
-Velcro wings were super strong
-More fabric choices (fleece, cotton, organic cotton)
-When swaddles arms out the wings hug baby
- Zipper for easy diaper changes -Arms in or out options
-No escape hatch
-No cover at the neck for the zipper end
Summer Infant Swaddle Me
Sleep Sack
-Velcro wings were super strong
-When swaddles arms out the wings hug baby
-Arms in or out options
-Zipper escape hatch on the bottom for diaper changes
- The shoulder clips are a bit more difficult to get baby in
Halo Sleep Sack
-More fabric choices (fleece, cotton, organic cotton)
- Zipper for easy diaper changes

Disney Baby
-WINNIE THE POOH!!!(what else really needs to be said?)
- Zipper for easy diaper changes
-Has vents on the side at the bottom so baby won't overheat
 -No cover at the neck for the zipper end
***No longer made
   Please comment I would love to hear what swaddle or blanket you liked the most? Also what would you like me to write about next? 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Babyfeeding in Public

   Babies are little people, they have tiny little tummy's and when they get hungry they turn into baby hulk until you feed them. Plain and simple. One of the first times I went out with my Daughter and she got hungry and I didn't feed her that very second she reminded of what I can only describe as 'Hangry' (Hungry and Angry).

  The problem with breastfeeding is unless you are comfortable doing it in public you don't get many options alot of the time. Some stores like Babies r' us have great breast feeding rooms for feeding and diaper changes but they only have 1 and sometimes breastfeeding takes some time. Most malls now have a nursing room but most are a room that you have to get security to let you in and its just a room with a couch and MAYBE a sink and diaper change station (so still no privacy). The fact that these rooms exists are great and show how far we have come since the 90's in terms of breastfeeding mommy's. (Some malls like Vaughan Mills have almost single change rooms with a comfy chair so you can have some privacy I liked those)

   Alot of places do not have any accommodations for breast feeding moms. I remember my husband was getting a new car and I ended up having to feed our daughter in a rather skuzzy washroom standing up (They also didn't have a changing table so had to do that on the floor...) and in one of the model cars.

   Excuse my language here but I was never totally confident in my body and really didn't want my boobs on display even though I know the other moms were not judging me. I just felt like they were all watching me (sure maybe i'm paranoid). When I had Addison my mom bought me a nursing cover online from www.uddercovers.com (I think you can also buy them at babies r' us) This thing is seriously genius. it is like an apron that goes over my head and covers baby and my chest. It also has a metal piece in the neck so I can watch my baby but no one else can see. My sister had one also I could not recommend this more!!
I have this one!!

   Using this cover I felt confident enough to use these open nursing rooms, in front of guests, in waiting rooms, in my car in a parking lot (I do not have tinted windows and this happened many times), Heck I even breast fed in a busy mall food court!!

  Now that my daughter is on formula things are a little easier. When I go out I pack a bottle with pre-measured pre-boiled water and a baby formula dispenser that is filled with pre-measured formula powder (pictured below). I find this method a bit easier honestly. I still end up feeding her in the car from time to time but I've also fed her in the cereal isle at Costco, food courts, Shoe stores and you get the point.
Image result for Formula Dispenser Combo Pack
I have this one I got it off Amazon.ca its inexpensive and works great. www.munchkin.com/powdered-formula-dispenser-combo-pack 


   There is a ton of very strong feelings about breast feeding these days. When I got pregnant my husband and I agreed that I wanted to breast feed our daughter. Right away we didn't have to many problems getting Addison to latch, my biggest problem was at first I was creating too much milk and I was leaking like crazy, had to pump multiple times a day, change my bra and shirt most days because they got wet, and  I was pretty much always exhausted.

    When Addison was about a week old our doctor sent us back to the Hospital as Addison was borderline Jaundice. Please comment below if would like me to go more into detail on our Jaundice treatment. But not going into too much detail on that Addison and I had to spend another night in the hospital. As a newborn Addison needed to be fed every 2-3 hours. At home we were not consistant about this timing. Going by my family doctors recommendation we fed her when she was hungry not waking her to feed. However at the hospital every 2 hours on the dot a nurse would come into the room, wake me up and say its time to feed the baby. I found this super stressful and was unable to produce enough milk*. (I was making enough milk to satisfy Addison but the nurses were telling me she wasn't eating enough and not gaining enough weight fast enough) The nurses told me I had to supplement with baby formula. However after leaving the hospital we did not continue to supplement as my family doctor said Addison is gaining weight just fine.

   We continued to breast feed Addison when she would give us signs she was hungry. Because I was pumping my husband would sometimes feed her by bottle to allow me to have a bit of a break or sleep in. We had no problem switching between breast and bottle (I will write a bit on our adventures in bottles) 

   When Addison was a four months I noticed that my breast milk supply was slowing down. I would feed her and even after being on both boobs she would still show signs of being hungry, I was not longer leaking at all or even feeling full. I started trying to pump every 2 hours, I tried a tea that claimed to help with milk supply, Changed my diet a bit, but none of this worked. Eventually I would only breastfeed first thing in the morning and then formula fed for the rest of the day.

  Currently at 5 months old we have started on foods (More on that in another post) and we are no longer breast feeding what so ever and are using formula for all bottles.

   When I stopped producing milk I felt like I was failing as a mother...With all of the hardcore moms saying 'breast is best' I started feeling really down on myself. But then when I went to my doctor about it she said 'Fed is best' and that really did make me feel better. When I told my parents they said same thing happened to my mom and I was formula fed from 3 months. I am telling this story because there is too much stigma about  mothers that don't breastfeed. Ladies please stop judging other moms you don;t know whats going on with them. As long as baby is happy and fed then tell them they are doing Awesome :)